Code For Hope

Code For Hope began as an experiment where I taught my students from an economically underprivileged school how to code using Python and use that knowledge to program the Raspberry Pi. In three weeks, they were able to not only write and execute programs that involved a significant amount of complexity, but also to solve problems in their community using a medium they had never been exposed to – Technology.

Through my journey at Teach For India, I have seen a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity in children. Most of the times, this is channeled to many unproductive (such as TV soaps), destructive ( drugs) activities, which harm the overall growth and academics of the child.

Code For Hope is an attempt to awaken the natural inventor in children by training teachers to introduce certain tools to their students which can help them build gadgets on their own to help solve problems in their community.

-Dhruv Kamath

Fellow, Teach For India

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Our vision is to create a community of like-minded fellows who make technology accessible and fun for their students, and use it as an opportunity to engage them in challenging content. We want all of our students to be able to master life skills such as logic, math, organising their thoughts and presentation, and use their learnings to solve problems around them. Through teaching coding, we want to build a framework for the fellows to cultivate critical thinking, and for the students to engage in technology at a deeper level. Our project will involve teaching programming and implementing the code on the Raspberry Pi- a 35$ mini-computer used around the world to teach kids coding. We want them to view technology as a medium of driving change, even in their community.

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