Lesson 1: Hello World


Lesson 1: Hello World

To the uninitiated eye, the world of coding is vast and complex. Images come to mind of lines and lines of gibberish people call a language, hoodie donning teens flooding the world with fake news and getting Trump elected and lots of news about how scientists are decoding the human gene using Crispr. A majority of the time, the code actually is as complex as it seems, and requires the input of hundreds of people with decades of experience with coding.


To execute our first program in Python, writing code to print Hello World on the screen.

Skills Imparted: Print function
Pre-Requisites: Install Python

5 mins

Do now:

  1. Open the Python editor on your computer. Type in the following:
    print("Hello World!")
  2. Save the file as helloworld.py
  3. Press the F8 button to compile, then F5 to execute
You do:

  1.   print(“Hello, World!”)
              print(Hello World)
              print Hello World
              print “Hello World”
  2. You would notice that the first statement would work, as it is a valid statement. However the other three would result in errors

  • Write a program (WAP) to output the name of the country

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